2016 East Lansing Film FestivalWhat the Elff? 19th Annual East Lansing Film Festival Great Films, Good Times

7/11 Film Competition: Eleven days to make a 7 minutes film.

Competition dates: 9.29.16–10.9.16
Registration deadline: 9.22.16
Price: $70.00

Winning Prizes:
1st Place: $400.00
2nd Place: $200.00
3rd Place: $100.00

Competition dates: 9.29.16–10.9.16
Each team will be emailed the elements for the competition at 6:00pm on 9.29.16.

All Films must be submitted by 7:00pm on 10.9.16. You must email the link to your video to kjm.lmfcdirector.elff@gmail.com We recommended you upload you video to one of the following. YouTube.com, Vimeo.com, or dropbox.com.

Registration deadline: 9.22.16 All teams Must be registered by 11:59pm 9.22.16. To register a team, pay via the PayPal button below and fill out the form below.

The showing for the films will beat 6:30pm on 10.24.16. The winners will be announced after the showing.

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The East Lansing Film Festival