LMFC Short Films Program 1

Bear With Me*
Directed by Maxwell Burchart | 19 min | MI
Louie spends his days in a teddy bear suit. One day, the love of his life gives him an ultimatum about their future.

Bliss Blue
Directed by Elle Schneider | 10 min | CA
A seemingly-ordinary woman is clearly having an unordinary day. One day she collides with two old “friends.”

Closing Time
Directed by Matthew Collazo | 15 min | MI
A troubled youth fails to rob a bar, and the owner tries to convince him to turn his life around before it’s too late.

Technical Difficulties
Directed by Jesse McAnally | 19 min | MI
You may be experiencing technical difficulties…

The Gateway
Directed by Walter V Marshall | 3 min | MI
An experimental film with a catchy tune that explores the dangerous effects of drugs.

The Girl on the Mat
Directed by Robert Joseph Butler | 15 min | MI
Hayden’s wrestling passion is severely tested when her mom shows no support as she approaches a tournament.

Directed by David Fairman | 10 min. | MI
A dad struggles to reconnect with his daughter after he and his wife hide a tracking device on her.

Directed by Brenton Oechsle | 2.5 min | IN
A mortician deals with loss.

Directed by Brett Marty | 17 min | CA
A couple undergoes a procedure to transplant their minds, souls, and personalities into younger bodies.


Saturday, November 11, 4:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater A


General admission - $5
Students - $3
Residence Hall undergraduate students - free

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Friday, November 6 - 6pm - 9:30pm
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