Short Films Program B

89 minutes

Directed by Jeanette L. Buck | 14 min.
When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom’s wife must convince Mom, and Mom’s ex, and Mom’s ex’s partner that it’s time for Heather to have “the talk”. Which mom is ready to help Heather make a big decision? It’s a mother daughter story. Times four.

Directed by Michael Groom | 14 min.
Johnny is a farmhand in the splendour of the English Lake District: he leads a life of introspection, until the strange appearance of a mysterious beautiful woman. Unsure if she’s a figment of his imagination or an actual physical being, Johnny succumbs to obsession. Based on the poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats.

Directed by Chung Yen Hsu | 10 min.
In the chilling winter, an old homeless person passed away at the park where he sought shelter. His homeless friend Guan feels helpless trying to do something for him. He finds food and cigarettes to comfort and worship his dead friend’s spirit; meanwhile, Guan faces complicated feelings–the fear of ending up the same due to the world’s cruelty.

POUR 585
Directed by Patrick Smith | 5 min.
In a dystopian world populated by animated wine glasses, a timid character tries to escape an important rite of passage. When he disrupts the standard pouring ritual, he discovers that individuality comes with a price. This cautionary tale is about the dangers of conformity.

Directed by Sergey Vlasov | 15 min.
In the near future, all actors have become computer generated characters. Human actors are unemployed. This is a story of an aging actor who came to the small booth where the computer directs his monologue reading. This is the only place where he can act.

Directed by Robb Rokk | 15 min.
On a farmstead just outside Arcadia, more than 20 years after life-altering events, a boy and his sister finally make their moment to break free from their abusive father.

Directed by Steven Swancoat | 5 min.
After meeting a boy on the subway, a young aspiring singer goes on a musical journey of self-discovery… Or so she thinks.


Monday, November 5, 4:00 pm, Studio C


General admission - $10.50
Seniors & matinees - $8
Students - $5

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