Sorta Late

A new group of fresh-faced interns are hired by a Detroit Late Night show.  When the small-time production is turned upside down when  two local celebrities vie to be the host, the quirky but driven interns get their first taste of the chaotic and unpredictable world of entertainment. Who will be the king or queen of “Sorta Late?”

For the second year in a row, MSU’s Theatre 2 Film project brings a student-created full-length feature film to ELFF. This collaboration between the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Letters, and College of Music combines the work of more than 100 passionate and enthusiastic students who served as actors, directors, editors, composers, producers, and art directors. Come support the exciting and fresh talent behind this production, which is as ambitious as it is hilarious.

In Person: Michigan State University Student Filmmakers.


Friday, November 4, 9:15 pm, Wells Hall Theater C


General admission - $5
Students - $3
Residence Hall undergraduate students - free

​ Wells Hall tickets are sold only at the Wells Hall Box Office.
Box Office Hours
Friday, November 6 - 6pm - 9:30pm
Saturday, November 7 1:30pm - ​9:15pm