Student Short Films

57 minutes

Directed by Stuart Heinlein/MI/10 min.
A drug addict escapes to his ex-girlfriend’s house after stealing cocaine from a drug dealer.

COS WARS: More than a Hobby
Directed by Patrick Linehan/9 min.
Two avid Star Wars fans live out their love of the franchise through costuming.

Directed by Tyler Hartwig, Dontavias Smith/MI/12 min.
Trusting in God, a family during WWII witnesses miracle after miracle while hiding Jewish families in their living room.

PAINTING THE TOWN: The Street Art of Detroit
Directed by William Higbie/Michigan/18 min.
Changing the face of Detroit is the surging street art and graffiti, once a renegade art form.
Often expressed in massive building-sized murals, this art depicts subjects, abstract, whimsical, and personal.

Directed by Josh Geyer/9 min.
Two boys try to pull off an epic senior prank, but in their search for fun and laughter, they discover something far more sinister.


Friday, November 2, 6:30 pm, Wells Hall Theater C


General admission - $5
Students - $3
Residence Hall undergraduate students - free

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