2021 Shorts Program

The Watery Grave
Directed by Michael Amerson Jr./ 8 minutes
A young man dealing with grief, experiences death and resurrection at his local church.

Directed by Jacob Horne/ 14 minutes
Two friends, Chris and Dan, accidentally kill the wrong person and find their night spiraling out
of control while being pursued by the vicious Wes and his punks. A dark comedy.

Directed by Andrew C. Ramirez/10 minutes
A new proprietary smart home device, ALICE, is always listening to make life easier. When a I
Annabelle searches for romance via a new dating app, she finds an unearthly attractive and
peculiar lover. Is luck the matchmaker or is ALICE?

Directed by Molly Gibson/7 minutes

Directed by Ethan Uphouse/ 12 minutes
A woman is forced to consider her family’s future when she discovers she may have inherited
a generational disease.

They Grow Up So Fast
Directed by Michael Pomaro
Two sisters are home alone in a post-apocalyptic world when danger comes knocking.

Un Hombre Debe Aprender (A Man Must Learn)
Directed by Jeff Bomberger/ 16 minutes
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, an American man with Cuban heritage must learn to speak
Spanish if he wants to eat while in quarantine.

Milk for Violence
Directed by Aaron Levine/ 42 minutes
Aaron Trow, the greatest outlaw this side of the Mississippi, has escaped from jail and is on
the lam. He breaks into a Plymouth Flats cottage and terrorizes Ana into feeding him dinner.
When Ana confronts him, he retaliates with violence and disappears into the night. After trying
unsuccessfully to enlist the help of local law enforcement and her cowardly husband, Ana
takes matters into her own hands.


Friday, February 25, 7:00 pm, East Lansing Hannah Community Center Theater A

East Lansing Hannah Community Center:

All tickets - $6.00 sold at the door.
East Lansing Hannah Community Center Box office opens at 5:30pm. All tickets sold at the door.