2021 Student Films

What Tiger Wishes

Directed by Chris T.W. Anderson/ 22 minutes
A little girl draws images of an idealized reality to escape her troubled childhood and broken
family. As an adult, she must face her absentee father after her mother’s death in the hopes of
resolving the psychological problems he’s caused; ones which threaten to hurt her new family.

Distance: A Quarantine Short Film

Directed by Haohan Wang/ 6 minutes
A look into quarantine life in my home and how social distancing can also bring families


Directed by Tyler Harding/ 8 minutes
Following the aftermath of a bioterrorism attack, a teen boy struggles to survive in a dystopian,
chaotic world.

Finding Turner Chase
Directed by Camari Garrison/5 minutes
The Life and Times of Downriver Detroit Rap Mogul Turner Chase. Produced by the Students
of the Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium.


Directed by Samuel Mirpoorian/ 11 minutes
After carrying the burden of misfortune throughout his life, a single father seeks redemption as
he raises his son.

An Acquired Taste

Directed by Robert Petrie, Claire Cohen/ 11 minutes
A young chef prepares an elegant meal for his girlfriend, but both have secrets to reveal…

History of Present Illness
Directed by Phillip Anjum/10 minutes
A first-year medical student’s stress and anxiety begin to take physical form as she navigates
her first year of medical school


Directed by Sriram Papolu/ 15 minutes
Through the tumultuous relationship with his younger brother, a young man begins to
understand the troubled past that affected his life.He has a chance to end the generational
cycle of abuse.

Directed by Brenna Noyes/11 minutes
This short psychological thriller focuses on Lydia, a young girl whose boyfriend went missing.
When his mother confronts Lydia about the last time she saw him, a whirlwind of memories
rushes in and her sense of reality begins to blur.


Directed by Razid Season15 minutes/
In 1943, Akiva , a young Ashkenazim, risks his life traveling through Miechów in Poland to
honor his deceased mother on the anniversary of her death. He gets arrested by the Nazis and
encounters an elderly Rabbi in Nazi custody. They escape and the Rabbi accompanies Akiva
to his mother’s grave and performs a Jewish ritual.


Friday, February 25, 3:00 pm, East Lansing Hannah Community Center Theater A

East Lansing Hannah Community Center:

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