2022 Student Films

Being Alive

Directed by Dalin Nelson/ 14 minutes
After completing her mother’s birthday present, Jade discovers a heartbreaking secret that will
change her family forever. Feeling confused and isolated, Jade must decide if her mom is
deserving of the gift.


Directed by Caleb Joye/11 minutes
Connecting the inequalities of the past to the issues of the present, this short documentary
explores the history and continuation of racism in American private schools.

I Let Her Go But Never Let Her Leave

Directed by Sriram Papolu/ 8 minutes
Kamal , an immature yet strong willed young man, breaks up with his girlfriend Jane. During
the course of the day, he tries to emotionally hurt her as much as possible. All this just to
prolong dealing with an inevitable heartbreak.

MTXE: Mental Toughness Xtra Effort

Directed by Emmanuel Terrell/9 minutes

The Bladesmith

Directed by Drew Dayton/7 minutes
A bladesmith in Anderson, Indiana explains how he got his start making knives for movies and

Little Blood

Directed by Crestwood 4 th and 5 th graders/8 minutes
An animated re-telling of a Mayan myth by the 4 th and 5 th grade students of Crestwood
Elementary school in Madison, WI.


Directed by Tanner Hamilton/8 minutes
A research team attempts to make first contact with a supernatural entity, while unaware it has
a plan of its own.


Directed by Alyssa Katalyna Fritz/9 minutes
After a horrific assault in her home, Lyra begins to suspect her attacker never left.

Taking the Edge Off

Directed by Carah Chafin/9 minutes
When two idiotic friends are plagued by the constant COVID-19 pandemic reporting, one will
go to questionable lengths to avoid it. He wants his friend to have some fun, only to have their
worlds turned upside down by the acid trip of a lifetime.

The Wrangler

Directd by Alyssa Katalyna Fritz/6 minutes
On the run from a vampire hunter with a personal vendetta, immortal fugitive Kaia hides her
lover from the monster she used to be.


Saturday, February 26, 3:00 pm, East Lansing Hannah Community Center Theater A

East Lansing Hannah Community Center:

All tickets - $6.00 sold at the door.
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