61 minutes

Two Soles

Directed by André Guima /7 minutes

In a world of pairs, Lenny, the left sneaker, discovers individuality in a world where individuality doesn’t exist.  This stop-motion animation is sure to inspire even the loneliest of “soles”.


Under Suspension of Beliefs

Directed by Majd Safia /17 minutes

A teenager immigrates to America with his paralyzed father and is given the opportunity to drive for a local drug lord. Will he take the job to pay for his father’s surgery or stick to his beliefs and live with regret?


Human Race Ism

Directed by Elina Villemure /3 minutes

A young teenager stationed on Mars with his family gets a lesson in racism in this whimsical student film.



Dream Soda

Directed by Sawyer Pasma /13 minutes

An awkward high school boy who has trouble staying in touch with reality finally finds his confidence after agreeing to go to homecoming with his lifelong crush.



Directed by Natalie Elizabeth, Mandy Work Wetzel/18 minutes

Two best friends retreat for a weekend to share their new paths, renew their friendship, and choose each other.  This film is a tribute to choosing friendship as we navigate the changes in our lives.


Sunday, March 12, 4:00 pm, Celebration Cinema