58 minutes


Miss Hunt

Directed by Mya Fullmer /4 minutes

A suicide victim’s daily routine allows her to control her life the only way she has left.


Nowhere All at Once

Directed by George Maxin Reynolds /9 minutes

A jazz piano student is rejected from the graduate school of his dreams. He confronts his loss in the keys of a baby grand piano.


Paper Chasers

Directed by Collin Woolford /15 minutes

After a practical joke goes wrong, a group of friends go on a journey to try to right their wrongs.




Directed by Michael McCallum /7 minutes

An artist is affected by a strange light at his studio that drives him to do dark things.


Sinner and Saint

Directed by Jerod Willis /23 minutes

Following the wrongful death of Tyler’s younger brother Dion, or as he called him “Saint”, at the hands of law enforcement, Tyler decides to take matters into his own hands. This film seeks to find the proper solution to police violence, if there is any,  through Tyler’s experience.


Saturday, March 11, 2:00 pm, Celebration Cinema