Shorts 3

Directed by Cole Seger
MI | 13 min.
A man goes to his usual diner… but it quickly
becomes anything BUT his usual…

Directed by Ted Kakasenko
MI | 10 min.
Max, living with an emotionally abusive single
mother, suffers from a mental illness where he
believes he is being followed. When he finds his
medication missing, his paranoia returns.

Directed by Bradley Michael
MI | 28 min.
A stranded time traveler struggles to regain the
courage to move forward in her journey without
causing collateral damage.

Directed by Joseph Victor &
Ryan Russell Steele
MI | 4 min.
A short film about the dangers of a resentful mind
following a horrific night at an artist mixer and the
desire for revenge.

Directed by Emma Keehan
WI | 8 min.
One masked dancer threatens the cycle of pursued
acceptance met by authoritative rejection when
part of her facade falls away and she can truly see.

Directed by Chris Randall
MI | 23 min.
A couple’s tour of a local abandoned home turns
into a nightmare of an open house.

Directed by Curtis Matzke
IL | 6 min.
A young woman is haunted by an undead orchestra
when she finds herself alone in an empty theatre.

Directed by Colton Fromhar
MI | 5 min.
After a mission goes wrong, two agents seek help
from an underground Doctor and receive more
than they expected.


Friday, January 31, 6:00 pm, East Lansing Hannah Community Center Theater A

East Lansing Hannah Community Center:

Opening Night Film, Foster Boy
Thursday, Jan. 9 at 6:30pm - $8.00
All other tickets - $5.00 sold at the door.
East Lansing Hannah Community Center Box office opens at 5:30pm. All tickets sold at the door.