Shorts B


Directed by Tuğba Erdem

10 min.

A dying man and his wife decide to commit suicide together while eating at a diner.


Directed by David Burgis

3 min.

A young girl is terrified by the horror movie being watched by her older brother. She can’t fall asleep because the creatures from the film torment her. How is she going to get through the night?


Directed by Mehmet Tığlı

15 min.

An old man wanders the streets of Instabul communicating with the trees and seagulls. He checks the ATM machines for change and is indignant when he does not find any. Life is like a game from his childhood and the sycamore leaves are part of it.


Directed by Patrick Smith

3 min.

Beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater, this short film rhythmically animates masks from around the world. They represent ritual, performance, utility and politics in the many cultures of man.


24 min.

A broke Parisian violinist divides his studio in half with a curtain so he can rent out that half. He finds a roommate, a mysterious young woman who pushes him not a state of inner turmoil. In French with English subtitles.



Directed by Jo Meuris

5 min.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell in love with a beautiful horse named Aurora.

UNDER THE PALM TREE (Bajo la Palmera)

Directed by Pau Bacardit

20 min.

Carlos, a magazine journalist travels to a town on the Almeria coast looking for the people who inspired Garcia Lorca’s famous book “Blood Wedding”. He gets a cold reception from them and it makes him question the distorting power of fiction. In Spanish with English subtitles.


Directed by Luke Graham

16 min.

A representative from the Australian Senior Olympics is in town to select one person for the national championships. Three elderly athletes compete for the glory as a film crew records everything.


Saturday, June 12, 3:00 pm, Celebration Cinema
Sunday, June 13, 7:15 pm, Celebration Cinema