Small Town Wisconsin

Directed by Niels Mueller
105 Minutes

Wayne Stobierski is the most fun-loving, hardest-living party animal in Rhinelander, Wisconsin
(population 7,798). Just ask his favorite wingman, Tyler, who’s seen it all, lived it all, loved it
all. Only problem? Tyler is Wayne’s nine-year-old son. Wayne wants to take Tyler to
Milwaukee before he loses custody of him. The trip spins comically out of control until Wayne
wakes up from a boozy night at his sister’s. Surrounded by love, some of it tough but genuine,
Wayne must face his demons while showing his son the most spectacular time of his life.


Thursday, February 24, 6:30 pm, Studio C


Opening Night - $10.00
Matinees - $6.00

Advance tickets & reserved seating beginning Febuary 17 at Studio C