Open For Breakfast

Directed by Tran Hoang Calvin

7 minutes

Lorraine, a new waitress, forms a heartfelt connection with Edith, a regular customer at her diner.

Director Tran Hoang Calvin attending


The Canine Psychic

Directed by Kristin Catalano, Jed Schlegelmilch

10 minutes

With a 100% success rate of uniting owners with the reincarnations of their deceased pets, Charlene is America’s number one Canine Psychic. But how does she do it?



Directed by Jon Gollner

12  minutes

After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, a musician struggles to finish his debut album before it’s too late.

Director Jon Gollner attending.


Picture This

Directed by Peter Sparling

5 minutes

Animation celebrates the human imagination and its capacity to etch simulations of reality while leaving space for the mind to fill in the gaps and take a leap of faith. Danced movement carves out and evokes worlds via gesture, focus and the dance of time, space and force.

Director Peter Sparling attending.


An Outfit

Directed by Zohra, Isaias Perez

17 minutes

A mother of a young girl, unhappy with her body, avoids purchasing clothes for herself, since she gave birth. With an impending social event, she has to overcome her fears and begin to re-piece her confidence.

Directors Zohra and Isaias Perez attending.


Let’s Talk About Death

Directed by Kelley Wolf Griffith

12 minutes

The Capaul family runs a fourth generation funeral home and tries to break the stigma of discussing death.With separate takes and humor combined, never has the topic of death been so entertaining.

Director Kelley Wolf Griffith and Capaul brothers attending.


Photo Of The Day.

Directed by Mac Eldridge, Tom Dean

12 minutes

A photo from their past ignites a conversation between a husband and wife about the possibility of an open marriage.



Directed by Jesse Rothenberg

7 minutes

Lia’s keeping a secret and it may need to be exposed for her and Ginny to break out of their funk.

Director Jesse Rothenberg and Producer Will Sullivan attending.


Saturday, March 2, 3:30 pm, Studio C