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Breed & Bootleg

Directed By Geri Alumit Zeldes | 70 minutes
Eric “MC Breed” is recognized as the first commercially successful rapper in the Midwest, and the forefather of the regional musical subgenre. Also profiled is another Flint hometown hero Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey of The Dayton Family, a pioneer of gangsta rap in the city.


Sunday, March 3, 8:45 pm, Studio C

Detroit: The City of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

Directed By Kieth Famie | 90 minutes
A celebration of the unique Detroit muscle car community and how Motor City iron has circumnavigated the globe and shaped world culture. Get your motors running!


Saturday, March 2, 6:15 pm, Studio C

First Voice Generation

Directed By Cynthia Sofia Martinez | 78 minutes
Three Latinx high school students in Holland, Michigan, children of Mexican immigrants, struggle with a sense of identity and belonging in this predominantly Dutch community. They dream of being the first in their family to go to college but then Covid-19 shuts the world down. Director Cynthia Martinez and film subjects attending.


Sunday, March 3, 1:00 pm, Studio C

Lead and Copper

Directed By William Hart | 88 minutes
A real life horror film about the poisoning of an American city. Director William Hart and Producer Alex Olsen attending.


Sunday, March 3, 3:30 pm, Studio C


Dead Bread [How Passion Shapes Community] Directed by Matthew Wagner 7 minutes In a small town with a rich history of BMX, Nick Seabasty, a skate shop owner and Pro BMX rider, has overcome many obstacles. They have inspired him to see a new generation of skaters and BMX riders in his community. Director Matthew… View Article


Friday, March 1, 8:45 pm, Studio C


Open For Breakfast Directed by Tran Hoang Calvin 7 minutes Lorraine, a new waitress, forms a heartfelt connection with Edith, a regular customer at her diner. Director Tran Hoang Calvin attending   The Canine Psychic Directed by Kristin Catalano, Jed Schlegelmilch 10 minutes With a 100% success rate of uniting owners with the reincarnations of their… View Article


Saturday, March 2, 3:30 pm, Studio C


Dark Side of the Moon Directed by Lincoln Reed 8 minutes A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon. Ice Scream Directed by Austin Torres 7 minutes A young woman minding her own business gets stalked by a demented ice cream truck. Director Austin Torres attending. Lone Wolf Directed by… View Article


Saturday, March 2, 8:45 pm, Studio C


Gnosis Directed by Peaches Wilczak Central Michigan University 3 minutes Through the lens of the metaphysical artist trying to reconnect with their art, They reinterpret the biblical seven days of creation. Director Peaches Wilczak attending   Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere Directed by Caleb Couvion Taylor University 16 minutes Midwestern microwave salesman, Clement Supple,… View Article


Saturday, March 2, 1:00 pm, Studio C


I’m With The Band: The Know Obstacles Story Directed by Allison Doxey Washtenaw Community College 13 minutes Steve Osburn, owner of “Oz’s Music” in Ann Arbor, has formed the band, “Know Obstacles”,  for special needs kids. Director Allison Doxey attending.   Officer Dave Directed by Mateo Robert Bartlett Motion Picture Institute 10 minutes A high… View Article


Sunday, March 3, 6:15 pm, Studio C

That’s Funny

Directed By Alex Grossman | 81 minutes
On the verge of a mid-life crisis, a former stand-up comedian believes an appearance on a popular late-night show will save his career. Instead,  he learns that the journey is more rewarding than the destination. Director Alex Grossman attending.


Thursday, February 29, 7:00 pm, East Lansing Hannah Community Center Theater A

When Hope Breaks Through

Directed By Matthew Wagner | 90 minutes
Mike Shoreman, a disabled paddleboarder, attempts to become the first person with disabilities to cross all five Great Lakes. Director Matthew Wagner attending.


Friday, March 1, 6:15 pm, Studio C