I’m With The Band: The Know Obstacles Story

Directed by Allison Doxey

Washtenaw Community College

13 minutes

Steve Osburn, owner of “Oz’s Music” in Ann Arbor, has formed the band, “Know Obstacles”,  for special needs kids.

Director Allison Doxey attending.


Officer Dave

Directed by Mateo Robert Bartlett

Motion Picture Institute

10 minutes

A high school security guard does whatever it takes to find the school vandal.

Director Mateo Bartlett attending.


Untitled and Unfinished

Directed by Justin Park-Swanson

University of Michigan

9 minutes

As a college student nearing graduation struggles to finish his writing project, he reminisces on his time spent in school and questions if it were well spent.

Director Justin Park-Swanson attending.


Frog Critic

Directed by

Taylor University

4 minutes

A discerning art critic is unduly influenced while judging a competition.


Brief Evocative Encounters

Directed by Sophia Marguerite Kalakailo

Michigan State University

29 minutes

Three vignettes explore how niche interests can nurture community, family and self-worth.


The Interview

Directed by

Taylor University

4 minutes

A job interview is subject to manipulation by a powerful, unseen narrator.


Wild Dragonfruit

Directed by Matt Williams

Taylor University

5 minutes

After making himself a cup of his late girlfriend’s favorite tea, he

is stirred by memories of their tender affection.

Director Matthew Williams attending.


Skating free

Directed by Audra Skuodaite

Michigan State University

15 minutes

Welcoming of women and LGBTQ+ community, Michigan roller derby and feminist quad skating clubs carve out spaces for belonging, self-expression and the challenging of societal norms as experienced by Lauren and Elizabeth.


Sunday, March 3, 6:15 pm, Studio C