Directed by Peaches Wilczak

Central Michigan University

3 minutes

Through the lens of the metaphysical artist trying to reconnect with their art,

They reinterpret the biblical seven days of creation.

Director Peaches Wilczak attending


Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere

Directed by Caleb Couvion

Taylor University

16 minutes

Midwestern microwave salesman, Clement Supple, has the worst birthday, full of bad luck with work, relationships, and killers, and is faced with eternal doom unless he can find a way to break the cycle.


And He Was Like

Directed by Isis Diaz

Michigan State University

2 minutes

After an awful date, a girl tells her roommate all about it.


Farewell Tour

Directed by Erik Howard

Grand Valley State University

13  minutes

When young rock legend Johnny Stranger returns to his hometown to finish a nationwide tour, he realizes that his rockstar persona has become inseparable from his true identity.

Director Erik Howard attending.


TVC-15: The Return of Major Tom

Directed by Alexsys Giraud, Matthew Wilson

Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium

5 minutes

David Bowie’s 1969 song “Space Oddity” that left Major Tom lost in space is revisited in this music video written & produced by Middle School & High School students of the Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium (DDSFC) ,  as they bring Major Tom home after 54 years.


How to Stop A Wedding

Directed by Darien Taylor

Taylor University

15 minutes

As a father comes up with three steps to stop his daughter from getting married, he learns the beauty of letting go.



Directed by Mitchell Salley

University of Michigan

30 minutes

Dark secrets from childhood threaten sisters Evelyn and Mallory, one an actress and the other a playwright.

Director Mitchell Salley attending


Saturday, March 2, 1:00 pm, Studio C