Dark Side of the Moon

Directed by Lincoln Reed

8 minutes

A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon.

Ice Scream

Directed by Austin Torres

7 minutes

A young woman minding her own business gets stalked by a demented ice cream truck.

Director Austin Torres attending.

Lone Wolf

Directed by Nicholas D Gascho, Brittany Dunn

10 minutes

On her birthday, Carly makes some last minute changes to one of her paintings causing her to reflect on her past.

The Plant Boy*

Directed by Dylan Mitchell

UM Dearborn

15 minutes

An ill botanist closes himself off from the outside world to create a medicine that will cure his sickness.

Director Dylan Mitchell attending.

Hypnosis Psychosis*

Directed by Devan Shulman

Grand Valley State University

10 minutes

A college student visiting a psychologist soon realizes that she has him under a hypnotic spell, dragging him into a strange and painful mind-bending nightmare.

Director Devan Shulman and Producer Evelyn Denham attending.

On The Run

Directed by Irene Maffei

15 minutes

A couple that tries to escape from past mistakes, ends up finding that non-confronted troubles have a way of haunting you.


Directed by Pete Johnston

12 minutes

After being laid off from her tech job, a young woman fights her way through the increasingly terrifying world of gig work.

Director Pete Johnston attending.


Directed by Paul Rothman

14 minutes

A guy walks into a bar before closing time and overstays his welcome.

Director Paul Rothman and cast and crew attending.

*Student Film


Saturday, March 2, 8:45 pm, Studio C