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A Man Called Ove (En Man Som Heter Ove)

Directed By Hannes Holm | 116 min
In Swedish with English subtitles Ove is a grumpy old man who diligently patrols his block every morning, chastising his neighbors for minor infractions. Yet they tolerate him because they know he is covering up the profound grief for his recently deceased wife whom he loved deeply. When the new neighbors plow down his mailbox in their move, Ove’s… View Article


Saturday, November 5, 9:00 pm, Studio C
Thursday, November 10, 6:30 pm, Studio C

Alone in the Universe

Directed By Joshua Courtade | 97 min
Petra is funny, outgoing, and smart, but she can’t commit to a relationship deeper than a one-night stand. Then she meets Oscar, a socially anxious web cartoonist who can barely say more than two words at a time. She starts to draw him out of his shell, and he starts to bring some stability to her life, but… View Article


Friday, November 4, 9:15 pm, Wells Hall Theater B

An Act Of Love

Directed By Scott Sheppard | 86 min
Emotionally powerful and ultimately uplifting, this film follows the tribulations of Pennsylvania minister Frank Schaefer, who faces condemnation from the United Methodist Church, the second largest Protestant denomination, when he officiates his son’s same-sex wedding.. Director Scott Sheppard presents a lovely portrait of a family whose bond becomes even stronger during this personal battle while… View Article


Saturday, November 5, 4:00 pm, Studio C
Saturday, November 5, 9:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater C

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

Directed By Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sharon Maguire, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd | 85 min
These five short stories explore what it’s like to live with mental illness for both the afflicted and their loved ones. Beautifully drawn out characters contend with all of the confusion, panic, denial, embarrassment and alienation brought on by their illnesses. The five stories touch on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe clinical depression and post-traumatic disorder with intelligence, sensitivity, insight and humor. Starring… View Article


Saturday, November 5, 1:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater C
Sunday, November 6, 9:00 pm, Studio C


Directed By Jason Wade Hammonds | 80 min
Having suffered with psychosis for twenty years, Eddie is on advanced trials for a new drug called Ceresia. Near FDA approval, his doctor urges him to remain on the drug even though Eddie has complaints. His progress breaks down as a new romance begins to invoke memories of his mother’s fatal accident. In a psychotic episode, he captures his girlfriend… View Article


Friday, November 4, 4:00 pm, Studio C
Tuesday, November 8, 9:00 pm, Studio C

Church of Felons

Directed By Jordan Mederich | 87 min
The captivating true story of addiction, loss, and redemption. 4 felons attempt to dig from rock bottom after a life of addiction and crime, It’s the story of a furious, fed-up, unforgiving judicial system, and a church in the middle of a cornfield at the center of it all.


Saturday, November 5, 3:30 pm, Wells Hall Theater A


Directed By Kristin Catalano | 76 min
After 50 years away from academia, Clarence Garrett, an 85-year-old African-American WWII Vet, returns to the University of WI-Milwaukee to earn his Bachelor’s Degree.


Saturday, November 5, 11:30 am, Wells Hall Theater C

Embrace of the Serpent

Directed By Ciro Guerra | 125 min
Nominated for an Academy Award, this unique, intoxicating, mesmerizing black and white film takes you on a cinematic journey through the Amazon. In 1906, Karamakate, a shaman and the last survivor of his aboriginal tribe, is convinced by a dying white foreign scientist to guide him through the suffocating jungle searching for a sacred healing psychedelic plant, the yakruna. Thirty-one… View Article


Friday, November 4, 9:00 pm, Studio C
Monday, November 7, 6:30 pm, Studio C

Emerald Ice

Directed By Jesseca Simmons | 16 min
This cinematic odyssey explores the mind of the American poet Diane Wakoski. This experimental short brings to the screen her work–the sprawling beauty that is Diane’s emotional spectrum.


Friday, November 4, 9:15 pm, Wells Hall Theater A

Equal Means Equal

Directed By Kamala Lopez | 93 min
Winner of Best Documentary, Traverse City Film Festival, this documentary could not be more relevant than during this election. Director Lopez journeys across the US to interview four generations of American women grappling with social ailments including female poverty, poor domestic violence protections, increasingly limited reproductive rights, sex trafficking, female incarceration, and the lack of basic gender equality laws for women…. View Article


Saturday, November 5, 6:30 pm, Wells Hall Theater C
Wednesday, November 9, 9:00 pm, Studio C

Filmmakers Panel Discussion

Making a film is so much more than pointing a camera. Come listen to today’s directors explain the many steps it takes: finding financing; creating a budget; getting a script; finding a crew, equipment and actors; shooting the film on schedule; editing; entering film festivals, finding distribution or self-distributing; promoting the film through social media, the value of online downloads, paying back your investors and all the thousands of… View Article


Saturday, November 5, 11:30 am, Wells Hall Theater A

Food First

Directed By Hannah Myers Lindgren | 69 min
Attitudes about food are changing nationally. People are becoming selective about where they get their food, taking a stand against mass food production and working together to solve food access issues.


Saturday, November 5, 9:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater A

From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City

Directed By Elise Conklin | 24 min
A documentary that tells the story of the Flint Water Crisis from the perspectives of those who have experienced this tragedy first hand and from activists grass-root organizations working to make a difference.


Saturday, November 5, 9:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater A

Harry and Snowman

Directed By Ron Davis | 84 min
Don’t trot but gallop to this winning, crowd-pleasing documentary that recounts the inspiring story of a horse saved from the glue factory when Harrry deLeyer happened upon a horse auction in Pennsylvania. In less than two years, Harry & Snowman went on to win the triple crown of show jumping, beating the world’s blue bloods and becoming famous as… View Article


Sunday, November 6, 6:30 pm, Studio C
Wednesday, November 9, 6:30 pm, Studio C

Ithaca: The Climb

Directed By Mason Flick | 108 min
From 2010-2014, the Ithaca Yellow-jackets did the unthinkable — not lose a single game. The 69-game winning streak they were able to accumulate is the second longest in Michigan history, and the 8th longest in the United States.


Friday, November 4, 7:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater A


Directed By Maisie Crow | 100 min
Since the passing of Roe v. Wade over four decades ago, the self-labeled “pro-life” movement has won significant legal, cultural and political battles. Now, the stigma of abortion is prolific in the American South where women in poverty and women of color are particularly vulnerable. The fate of the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi is told from the differing points… View Article


Friday, November 4, 6:30 pm, Studio C
Wednesday, November 9, 4:00 pm, Studio C

June Falling Down

Directed By Rebecca Weaver | 115 min
After wandering aimlessly for a year after her father’s death, June Larson is returning home for Harley’s wedding – her best friend, the love that could have been. Now, lost in grief over her father’s cancer, she’s not quite ready to let Harley go so easily.


Saturday, November 5, 6:30 pm, Wells Hall Theater A

Liberty’s Secret

Directed By Andy Kirshner, Debbie Williams | 98 min
Liberty Smith is the perfect running mate. She’s American as apple pie, sings like an angel, and is the daughter of a prominent “family values” preacher — exactly what a floundering presidential campaign needs to energize its conservative base and rally the faithful.


Saturday, November 5, 9:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater B

LMFC Short Documentaries

143 min
WILDLY INCORRECT Directed by William Bridgforth | 26 min. | MI Discover the many misconceptions of hunting. LIVING HISTORY Directed by Geri Alumit Zeldes | 45 min. | MI Ethnographic interviews are made with a dozen or so of the state’s oldest residents providing a window into Michigan’s rich cultural history. A CRAFTSMAN JOURNEY Directed… View Article


Friday, November 4, 7:00 pm, Wells Hall Theater C

LMFC Short Films Program 1

MUIR Directed by Chandler Ellison | 4 min. | IL An animated short film that reflects on the love and legacy of the naturalist John Muir. PRIDE & POO Directed by Bradley Silvius | 5 min. | MI Robert was having the perfect day, but with a pesky ant and a bird set on revenge,… View Article